Things you'll need!

1. WASH IT. Using warm water and foam soap, gently wash off any residue with your HANDS ONLY. 

(It just needs a nice little clean, not a thorough scrub down)

2. DRY IT. Let your tattoo air dry . (Pat dry with a paper towel is okay)

3. AQUAPHOR IT. Use a minimal amount of aquaphor to apply a thin layer over your tattoo.

4. WRAP IT. Wrap your tattoo with saran wrap. (The saran wrap acts as a protective cover for your skin like a scab does) 2 days should be enough.

5. Repeat this process every 3-4 hours. (You may leave wrap on while you sleep)

6.  Now your tattoo might look dry, itchy, and peel similar to that of a sunburn. That's when the plain white lotion comes in. Apply as often as needed to keep your skin moisturized. 6a. For itchiness you may use the slap method.

*No scratching, no picking , no scrubbing with a rag/loofa, no swimming, no anything that can interrupt the tattoo healing process.

*If you follow these steps your tattoo will heal better and faster than "dry healing".

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